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Installing Apache Roller in Jetty 9

by tgutwin

Posted on Sunday Jan 24, 2016 at 05:15PM in Technology

jettyIcon.pngsteamroller5.jpgI have been using Google for my Web Based notebook Blog for a few years, however, it did not have all the features I wanted to use; like commenting and a tag cloud. SO, I installed my own weblog software - Apache Roller. I also looked at WordPress, but I wanted a Java only solution. You are looking at it right now. This is how I got it running on Jetty.

I am going to point out how easy it was to install in a simple Java Servlet engine like Jetty, without a full Application Server. The Roller instal docs say that all it needs is a servlet engine, but then it goes on to only have examples for installing in full J2EE Application Servers (JBOSS, Tomcat, Websphere).

I use Jetty 9 on its own, without a full App server, and it was very easy to get going. My production DB is MariaDB (mySql) on Fedora 23.

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