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FIXED - Jura Milk Foam Splattering

by tgutwin

Posted on Saturday Feb 04, 2017 at 12:38PM in General

Jura Z6 imageI have a Jura Z6 Super Automatic Espresso/coffee maker.

Recently I noticed it was NOT making a nice smooth stream of milk foam when previously it had been.  It now was splattering all around the cup and not making much milk foam froth.

I checked all the usual things:
   I had been cleaning the milk system nightly,
   I rinse the milk hose a few times a day,
   I took all the milk parts apart and cleaned them all very thoroughly.

Still splatter.

Very frustrated, I finally looked at the only other part of the milk system - the milk container/cooler; a Jura Cool Control 34 Oz. I clean it every time I run out of milk - so about every 4-5days.

It turns out, I had not inserted the stainless steel shaft fully into the rubber connector in the lid. As soon as I pushed it in a mm further, the milk now came out as a smooth stream of foam!


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